Piano Lessons for Children & Teens

The Best Piano Lessons for Your Child

GoldPass Music offers piano lessons for children of all ages and abilities. Including young beginners, intermediate students, and advanced performers. We offer every style of lesson from classical, jazz, and pop. Some of our students want to play just for fun, and others wish to become professional musicians.

Most of our students chose to take lessons with us, based on referrals from classmates and neighbors. Furthermore, we have a strong reputation in the local schools in your area.

Since we have many teachers to choose from, we will find the perfect match for your child’s personality, skills, and interests. Our private lessons last 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Also, our advanced students have concert-level teachers who train them for music theory tests, competitions, and auditions.

Your child should learn to play the piano only with the Best teachers

Are you searching for an outstanding private piano teacher? We are your 5-stars choice!

Our piano school program specializes in lessons for beginners. It specifically focuses on meeting the unique needs of young piano players. Our amazing teachers are, most importantly, experts at implementing unique music education methods that are fun and creative. Our teaching methods focus on the musical goals of each student.

Above all, our beginner piano students enjoy a much faster learning curve than with any other piano studio. We find creative ways to help our young students love playing the piano and keep enjoying it for years.

Helping you find the perfect teacher 

Undoubtedly, we are the right choice for any parent who is searching for the right instructor. Many music lesson providers seem to offer the “best piano lessons.” Most of them are, unfortunately, nothing more than referral agencies.

However, we are genuinely the Real Deal! We are, by far, the most professional piano school near you, with more qualified teachers than anyone else.

A REAL piano school for children near your home

We are the largest REAL piano studio for over 20 years! Our teachers are well-educated, professional pianists. They use the latest piano teaching techniques, sheet music, and teaching aids to improve student learning.

Also, we specialize in beginner lessons for young toddlers, who make their first steps in learning to play the keyboard. Need help finding the right teacher? Call us at 239-799-7199 for a perfect instructor for your child!

Best local piano teachers for your child

As has been noted, we are the preferred provider of teachers in your local area. We hire only the best teachers from the best music schools. Our teachers are friendly, passionate about teaching kids, and have the perfect personality to work with young students.

Our teaching team put special emphasis on enhancing our teaching methods at our studio. Furthermore, our teachers are patient, fun to be around, and have the enthusiasm to motivate our piano students.

Piano lessons for young children

Piano lessons for beginners are our specialty. We love helping young students start right from scratch and become competent piano players. Your child needs no prior experience to enjoy playing the piano and get good at it surprisingly fast. 

Moreover, we design all the lessons to meet your child’s specific goals and needs. Our kids’ piano lessons for beginners are the perfect place to start for any child that is interested in playing music.

Group classes VS private lessons

Please, try to avoid group piano classes. Private lessons are the only effective way to learn to play the piano. There are no effective “instant” or online piano teaching methods. It would be best to have an excellent private teacher who specializes in teaching children and uses proper teaching methods and a personalized study plan.

Piano Lessons are available seven days a week

Our dedicated piano teachers are available to teach practically around the clock. Just tell us what your preferred days and times are, and we will do our best to accommodate them


Why taking lessons with our amazing teachers is clearly the best choice for your child?


Amazing Teachers




Piano & Singing Lessons

Many of our students take piano & Singing Mixed lessons. Such lessons are very effective in keeping students engaged and motivated. We start Piano and Singing mixed lessons at age 5 onward. Beginners usually take 30 minute lessons while intermediate and advanced students take 45-minutes or 1 hour lessons. 

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